My first clients are leathersmiths, and create handcrafted leather goods, with custom embossed artwork. The studio is named Designs Everlasting. They are currently funding their business, and need images of their products for an online crowd-funding campaign.

My first step was to meet with my clients and get to know them, and interview them about their business. Their organization is very young and does not have branding guidelines yet. They have no website and an info-only business card.

I will be designing 8 photographs of their initial product line, which consists of 7 items. Two items come as a set, and need to be photographed together and separately, which creates 3 photographs for 2 items. My clients have provided me with basic directions for styling. Since there is little in the way of brand guidelines, I will be working from commonalities between the products, to build a temporary brand and theme to work in.

Using this information I whiteboard brainstormed a production plan.


For the shoot, I plan to shage at a nearby park, because the terrain is varied and contains many of the elements from my brainstorm and most importantly captures all of the colors from my desired palette.

Here are the results of my shoot.